Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Due to my sleepiness, my writing will have to come out crappy.

After fourth weeks of school, I have never felt this tired. I almost fell asleep few times during class, and I sometime doze off when other people are talking. Quite embarrassing, but hopefully I'll get a full rest by tonight before class tomorrow.

Part of my class project. It was something about "looking at the master's drawing, copy its background, and replacing one thing to one of your own." I don't know, maybe I didn't pay attention earlier of what my teacher have said.

For your information, this work came out too bright, but I'll darken this work soon as this is just a layout.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not Much...

I don't know if the newsroom will publish this in a college magazine... But meh, it's up to the editor to decide.

Anyway, about the artwork... I kind of went back to my old CG style in Photoshop; although, I did something new to the top layer of the channel.

No "blur" effect has been added (I don't know why I kept using it last year). =)