Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fan art: Lightening -WIP-

Yes, the person is bald. People sometime dislike an incomplete and would rather see a complete work online, heheh.

After waiting nearly 3 years, Final Fantasy XIII is about come to out in Japan sometime in this coming Winter, but since I live in America, it's going to take much longer than that. *SIGH*

I'm still waiting for the release date of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Because of Noctis and Stella, I grew more into those two characters and became their huge fan, especially Lightening (although, she's not in Versus XIII).

FFXIII is more of a lighter side of the story while FFVXIII is more of a darker side. There was a rumor that one director of FFXIII and the other director of FFVXIII are competing against each other, but those rumor are proven false after some news found out that both directors went to a sushi bar together. I cracked up at that part, but it's an interesting story about the rumors that people heard.

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